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Weekend Services

If you were to boil Christianity down to one single thing, it would be knowing Jesus. This is the cornerstone of everything we do as a church; it is the reason we exist.

We believe in gathering together every week to worship, be encouraged by The Gospel and each other and we know that by doing this, we are stirred closer towards a relationship with Jesus himself. Sundays aren’t about attending a service to tick a religious box, they are about finding authentic community, discovering the truth of The Gospel together and ultimately getting to know Jesus in a way that’s deep and real. Our services are a place where anyone is welcome regardless of background, race, religion, sexuality, gender, income… you get the picture! 

Community groups

We understand that it takes more than just attending a church service once a week to walk out your Christian life. We all have baggage, fears, hurts and burdens that we carry and we believe in supporting one another in dealing with our yesterdays in a safe environment. 

We run regular community groups where you have the opportunity to connect in a smaller setting, experience a deeper level of care and trust and build lasting relationships with people who can encourage you in your faith, and in life in general. Let’s be honest, we all need all the help we can get, right? Enquire below for more info.

Grow course

We all want to know that our life has meaning and to understand our real purpose in life. We believe each person has a unique and specific purpose and calling and as a church, we want to help every person unearth what that is and encourage them in it. 

We have specifically designed our Grow course for this reason. Over 4 short classes (that run straight after our Sunday service) we help you discover your natural talent, your area spiritual gifting and aim to leave you passionate about your purpose and with a clearer understanding of your place in the world and in church life. It’s something we think everyone should experience, especially if you consider C3 Cronulla your home. 

Sign up for the Grow Course below.

Serving others

The greatest evidence of a life that’s truly been transformed by Jesus, is that we serve one another. In The Bible is says that how we love and serve one another is how people can identify us as real Christians. 

Whether it’s getting involved on a team at church or having a positive impact in your workplace, school or community, we believe we are called to serve one another and do our part in building the church and bringing about lasting change to our community.

Enquire below to find out more.