We believe its important that you find authentic community (really great friends). We also believe that life change happens in the context of community that why community groups are a huge part of what we do at C3. Community groups are a smaller environment where you will be encouraged in your day to day life, strengthened in your faith and unified with a great group of people. Our hope is that everyone who calls C3 Home will join a community group. Why not sign up now. Just click below.


We want you to discover the great purpose of your life. You were made to make a difference in this life. These 4 short classes we help you discover your God given talent and your area of spiritual gifting and aim to leave you passionate about your purpose. We encourage everyone who wants to call C3 Cronulla home to do the grow course. You'll never truly know what purpose feels like until you're making a difference in someones else's life. Sign up below.