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A lot of people have perceptions and opinions about Church and some of them quite frankly, are true. But is that really what the church is about, the real church?

Despite popular opinion, the Church is not actually a place for perfect people. In fact, it is purpose-built for imperfect people. Jesus didn’t come for the self-righteous but the soul-sick, the down and out, the broken and rejected, the good, the bad and the ugly things in our lives. He is all about people no matter who, what or where they came from, and he proved that through the Cross.

We are a STRICTLY INCLUSIVE church. What does that mean? It means we believe that the Church shouldn't be a country club for the morally elite, but rather a hospital of hope for humanity - a place where you find acceptance, belonging, genuine friendship and ultimately, life transformation through Jesus.

C3 Cronulla is all about discovering Jesus in a community of people who all have unique stories, challenges and experiences but share a desire to do the journey together.

We believe that The Gospel is for everyone, regardless of background, upbringing or church 'experience' , and that real message of Jesus is one of relentless grace, unconditional love, authentic community, and through his grace, the ability to change the world around us.




Join with us as we give towards spreading the inclusive message of Jesus.





If you are unable to come visit or want a taste of what we are about before you venture on in, have a listen to our podcasts!




As church we have a hope for every single person. Our hope is that you would:



Every Sunday regardless of where you are at on your journey we want you not to discover religion but relationship with God. Jesus is the way this happens and we want every single person to have an authentic real and vibrant relationship with Him


We understand that it takes more than just attending a Sunday service once a week to walk out our Christian life. We believe its important that you find authentic community (really great friends) . We believe life change happens in the context of community. This happens through community groups. A smaller environment thats aimed at leaving you encouraged, strengthened in your faith and united with others . Click here to sign up for a community group.


We all want to know our life has meaning and to understand the real purpose of our life. We believe each person has a unique and specific purpose and calling and as a church, we want to help every person unearth what that is and encourage them in it. Our Grow course is specifically designed to help you do exactly that. Click here to find out more and sign up for our grow course.


The greatest evidence of a life that is truly transformed by Jesus, is that we use what God has given us to serve one another and make a difference in the world around us. If you want to be involved in serving the people of this area come and join a team. How? Our grow course is where you discover the best way to do this. Click here to sign up for the grow course.



JAN 14th - FEB 3rd, 2019

Join with us as we move forward through prayer in 2019:



Let’s start the year the best way…in prayer. We are asking you to commit to praying every day..YES EVERYDAY for 21 days. There is great power in prayer, prayer prepares us and enables us to hear the heartbeat of God and connects us with the power to do what God has called us to do. Let’s go for it church.


  • Find a quiet place, away from distraction.

  • Approach God like a loving Father.

  • Humble ourselves. Asking for forgiveness for our sins

  • Talk to Him like you would a friend.

  • Tell him about the things you would like to see happen in your life and the lives of others. (refer to daily prayer points so we can being praying together as a church.)

  • Ask for His will to be done in Jesus name.


Jan 14th – Our church community. To Continue to grow in knowing Jesus, finding community, discovering meaning and making a difference.

Jan 15th – Our new night service starting this year. For more people to come to know Jesus.

Jan 16th – Our Pastors, church staff, Community group leaders, Church pastors, church volunteer team.

Jan 17th – Our City – Sutherland Shire, Sydney. To know Jesus and experience the freedom, truth, peace and plan of God.

Jan 18th – Our work place – God would use us to share and show Him to the people in our work place this year.

Jan 19th – Our lives – asking the Holy Spirit to help us live as examples of Jesus in every area of our lives.

Jan 20th – Worship – Spend time in worship seeking God and getting close to him.

Jan 21st – Opportunities  - For divine conversations with people. For opportunities to show and share Jesus this year.

Jan 22nd – The Lost – people who are far from God and are not in relationship with him to come to know Him.

Jan 23rd – Community Groups – leaders, members, real life change in our community groups. To see hundreds of community groups around our area.

Jan 24th – Grow course, Life courses and volunteers – more leaders who love and lead people closer to Jesus, covering over volunteer,  people using their gifts to glorify God and make a difference

Jan 26th – Generations – People of every generation in our church. To know Jesus more this year

Jan 27th – For Boldness – to talk about Jesus and to invite people to church this year

Jan 28th – Worship – Spend time in worship seeking God and getting close to him.

Jan 29th – Generosity – As a church we would continue to meet the worlds needs with selfless generosity.

Jan 30th – Families and marriages in our church community and beyond

Jan 31st – Our Church’s Vision for 2019 – Our Sunday services, more community groups, more opportunity for people to know Jesus. People finding Christ and being established in Christ centred community.

Feb 1st – Your personal vision for 2019 – freedom from habits, debt, healthy relationships, your calling, letting God lead you into His plan for your life.

Feb 2nd – Personal freedom and deliverance – breakthrough in every area!

Feb 3rd – Pray for the sick and hurting people in our lives. For healing and freedom.

Feb 4th – Jesus to be seen in our lives this year in 2019. To live as a light to world.



Meet some great people in your stage of life:



At least 4 times a year we want to create a space outside of our Sunday gatherings where you can get know people in a fun, and most likely, food filled environment. Life stage parties take place all over the shire in homes, cafes, restaurants, basically anywhere you can party.


Sunday Jan 27th, 2019.

Click part button and let us know which life stage party you would like the info for.


Youth 13-18yrs : Brenton Parkes & Maddi Wales

Young Adults 18-25yrs: Britt & Deklan , Auri & Claire

Young Professionals 25-35 yrs: Sarah Johnson, Nathan Schutt

Young Married: Jess & Caleb Love

Young Families: Mike & kate Croft

Young At Heart (45 +) : Glen & Heather Star.

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We believe its important that you find authentic community (really great friends). We also believe that life change happens in the context of community that why community groups are a huge part of what we do at C3. Community groups are a smaller environment where you will be encouraged in your day to day life, strengthened in your faith and unified with a great group of people. Our hope is that everyone who calls C3 Home will join a community group. Why not sign up now. Just click below.


GROW COURSE - We want you to discover the great purpose of your life. You were made to make a difference in this life. These 3 short classes we help you discover your God given talent and your area of spiritual gifting and aim to leave you passionate about your purpose. We encourage everyone who wants to call C3 Cronulla home to do the grow course. You'll never truly know what purpose feels like until you're making a difference in someones else's life. Sign up below.

LIFE COURSES - Our hope is to take you on a spiritual journey that brings your closer to God and radically changes your life. All our Life Courses are designed at helping you to do that. Each 9 week Life course will take you on an amazing journey forward in life:

Alpha Course: If you’re new to faith this course is perfect for you. It will teach you the foundations of the Christians faith. It is so important that foundations are strong especially in your faith

Freedom Course: Learn the keys to find freedom from the past. We will believe that Jesus brings freedom to every area of your life. If need freedom in an area of your life then this is the course for you.

Leadership College: Everyone is born to influence, but do we influence and lead well. This course is aimed at equipping you to lead others from strength to strenght.






James and Alanna have pretty much grown up in C3 Church at Oxford Falls. James took over the High School’s ministry when he was 17 and then came on staff full time at age 21. At 23, James and Alanna became the Youth Pastors at Oxford Falls for 6 years before moving oversees to work with C3 San Diego.

In August 2013 they came home to Sydney and in March 2014 they started C3 Cronulla. Their desire is to build a Church that is, at its core, strictly inclusive. They feel a strong affinity for Cronulla, the Sutherland Shire region and beyond and are incredibly passionate about seeing people encounter a life changing relationship with Jesus.

James and Alanna live in the Shire with their three children (or ‘cubs’, as they are referred to).




Want to know more about C3 Cronulla, or have a need you're wanting prayer for? Get in touch with us anytime!